A non profit organization with the goals of helping to raise awareness, encourage acceptance, and give financial assistance to families affected by cancer, natural disasters, sexual assault, autism, sexual assault and drug and alcohol addiction.

Our organization is founded on one very simple principle: Every person can make a difference, but when that person joins hands with another, and another, the difference  made can become miraculous. There is an old adage in the South that a mule can pull 1,500 pounds alone, but can pull 5,000 when hitched with a second mule. When those gathered for a common cause decide to pray consistantly to God for His help, the deepest level of assistance possible can be achieved. The reference to I AM is not accidental but a fundamental aspect of our cause. Our foundation believes wholeheartedly in the wonders that can be done through human effort harnessed with divine intervention. We ask you to join hands with us in giving of ourselves to other people. We have all witnessed the pain and discord in our society. We invite you to join us:  we pray you, too, think it's time to be a difference maker.

We have seen, felt and experienced first hand what these issues can do to families. We are all too aware that occasionally we need others to help carry us through. The goal of I AM A DIFFERENCE MAKER is exactly that. When the circumstances of life feel overwhelming, we have decided to lift up those weighted down by life's problems  with financial contributions and actual, physical presence in their lives. Recipients will be able to enlist help with day-

to-day chores, have meals provided, and monthly bills paid.

Working together to get through these issues is essential. Feeling that the odds are insurmountable can overcome us, especially when we feel we are alone. Preventing anxiety from arising may not be possible, but I AM A DIFFERENCE MAKER claims as our mission never to allow families to face desperate times alone.

Finding peace amidst the peril in modern day society can be a difficult task. I AM A DIFFERENCE MAKER strives to help anyone affected by these issues to find the peace only God may offer, sometimes through human hearts of compassion.

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